What is a tuition fee payment statement and why must I submit one?

Before the Admissions Office can request a student visa or residence permit they must be assured that the student in question has sufficient funds available to pay his/her tuition fee. Therefore all students requiring a visa/residence permit (with the exception of exchange students) must submit a tuition fee payment statement.

  • If you will pay your own tuition fee you must submit a statement in which you clearly state that you are responsible  for paying your own tuition fee and have the financial means available to do so. Your statement  must be accompanied by a copy of a bank statement in your own name, which demonstrates that you have sufficient funds available to pay your tuition fee.
  • If your tuition fee will be paid by a third party or organisation, a statement is required from the individual or organisation in question, in which they formally declare that they will pay your tuition fee and have the financial means available do so. This must also be accompanied by evidence that the person or organisation has the necessary funds, for example a bank statement.

Please note that this item is in addition to your ‘proof of funds’  for your living expenses.