Is it possible to cancel my student registration request if I cannot join the study programme?

Yes it is possible, however there are deadlines for doing so if you wish to avoid paying tuition fees.

If you have submitted a request for student registration via Studielink but your status is not yet indicated as ‘enrolled’, you can withdraw your request via Studielink at any time. However if your Studielink status is indicated as ‘enrolled’ you must submit an official request to terminate enrolment via Studielink. Make sure to do so by 31 August (for programmes starting in September) or 31 January (for programmes starting in February).

If you have submitted a ‘request for registration form’ for a non-government subsidised study programme but you are unable to attend, you must submit a ‘termination of registration form’ before the official start date of the programme. You can download this form from our website or collect it from the Student Affairs Front Office.