I spend a lot of time studying, but my results are disappointing/I have failed all examinations so far, and I am unsure of the reason. How can I improve this situation?

Possible reasons might include your study skills, your personal circumstances, or the fact that your study programme does not suit you. In the latter case, we advise you to discuss the matter with a Career Adviser. If you have poor study skills, try to find out what you do with the study materials, and whether your method is optimal. The SMART questionnaire can help you gain clarity in this matter. On the basis of the results, you may be advised to follow some workshops to improve your approach to studying. You can also read the study tips on our website, If you are being hindered in your studies because the place where you are studying is unsatisfactory, you have a handicap or through family circumstances, you can ask the Study Advisor to advise you further.