I do not find the study programme very challenging. Should I proceed nevertheless?

If you need an additional challenge, there are a number of possibilities. Perhaps this is your first year, and you find the material too general/introductory. Or it may be that the format of the programme fails to inspire you. If the study is not time-consuming enough for you, you can follow additional courses from the following years, or participate in activities at the Honours Academy or you could consider a second programme next to the one you are already doing. You can also become more involved with your study programme by taking on a relevant part-time job or volunteer work. Or you can acquire administrative experience by becoming a board member at a study association or your department teaching committee. Finally, you can investigate the possibility of using more active methods of studying. Discuss these matters with your Study Adviser, and decide together with him/her whether it is best for you to continue with this programme, or to switch to another one.