I am of the opinion that I have been treated improperly by the University. Can I take action?

There are certainly a number of options if you are of the opinion that an individual or an institution has not behaved correctly. If you feel that you have been treated in a manner that was disrespectful, dishonest, against the rules or in any other way unpleasant or detrimental, you can submit your complaint to the Ombuds officer. If you are the victim of undesirable behaviour (such as sexual intimidation, aggression, violence or discrimination), you can turn to the confidential adviser. If the situation involves a written decision that directly impacts your interests, such as your enrolment (or termination of enrolment), your BSA, etc., you can submit your letter of appeal to the Examination Appeals Board. This should be done within six weeks from the day when the assessment or decision was made known. This period of time is sufficiently long to first try and find a solution together with the lecturer in question or the Board of Examiners of your study programme. The student counsellors can advise you on the steps to take.