How is the educational system organised?

Degree structure
Leiden University awards the bachelor's, master's and doctorate (PhD) degrees. The highest degree awarded is the PhD.

The credit point system
The course load is given in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points.
A full year’s credit in the Netherlands is approximately 60 ECTS.

The number of ECTS credit points assigned to a course does not tell you how many hours you will spend in class. It gives an indication of the total number of hours you are expected to spend on the course. 1 ECTS equals 28 hours of study.
Work done during these hours includes: reading books, writing papers, studying for the exam and attending classes. How many contact hours you have in class depends on the nature of the course.

The Dutch grading system runs from 1 (very poor) to 10 (outstanding).
5.4 is a fail and 5.5 a pass.

Course level structure
The level of an individual course is indication with a number ranging from 100 to 600 (Beginner’s/orientation level - Master’s level)