How can I end my student registration?

If you want to end your student registration you must submit a request via Studielink:

  • Go to <My study programmes>
  • Select the enrolment (registration) you want to end
  • Click on 'Withdraw enrolment application'
  • Confirm your request
  • You will receive a confirmation of your request from Studielink

Once your registration has been cancelled, you will no longer be required to pay tuition fees - unless you are registered on another study programme at Leiden University. If you have paid excess tuition fees, these will be refunded to you. Be aware that no tuition fees will be refunded if you terminate your student registration later than 31 May. If you have a direct debit agreement with Leiden University, this will also be cancelled when you end your student registration.

Note: if you are following a non-government subsidised programme, for which Studielink registration is not applicable, you must instead terminate your registration using a ‘termination of registration form’. This can be downloaded from our webpage below.