How and where do I collect my visa?

We will inform you via email once the IND approves your student visa. At approximately the same time the Dutch embassy will send you an invitation to collect your visa.

You should then contact the embassy directly to make an appointment to collect your visa (a sticker in you passport). We advise you to ask the embassy exactly which documents you should bring along to your visa collection appointment. Please check whether it is necessary to bring a second identification document. This is because, for security reasons, some embassies request that you leave an identification document at the reception when entering the building. 
Please note that there can be a delay between Leiden University receiving notification of your visa approval and the Dutch embassy receiving the same notification. Therefore there is no need for concern if you contact the embassy and are informed that they have not yet received the notification. Simply wait a day or two and contact the embassy again. 
You can find the contact details of all Dutch Embassies through the website of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
Once your visa has been approved you have 6 months time in which to collect it. However please note that your visa is only valid for the study programme and start date stated in your Offer of Admission.
For legal and practical reasons, you are advised not to arrive earlier than one month before the start date of your study programme. You do not have grounds for legal residence before this period.