How and when can I register for a minor?

Are you a student of Leiden University? If so, you can register via uSis for most Leiden University minors between 1 May and 1 August. Note that some minors have earlier deadlines so please consult the e-prospectus for exact registration deadlines. If you want to do a minor at TU Delft or the Erasmus University Rotterdam you should apply between 1 May and 31 May. In May a priority arrangement is in place for Leiden students. You may also apply after this date but without priority and with much less chance of admission.  See the respective university’s websites (below) for application details.

Are you a student of TU Delft or the Erasmus University Rotterdam? If so you can register for a Leiden minor between 1 and 31 May via a special web form that will be made available on 1 May. See the link below.