Can my application fee be waived?

The following students do not have to pay the € 100 application fee:

  • applicants with a bachelor’s degree from a Dutch university or college (on submission of a copy of your Dutch bachelor’s diploma or final transcript);
  • applicants who have previously been registered as students of Leiden University (any study programme);
  • applicants for Study Abroad and Exchange programmes; applicants for the BSc programmes in Life Science and Technology or Molecular Science and Technology;
  • and applicants who can prove that they have applied for or have been granted one of the following scholarships: CEU Praesidium Libertatis (only applicable to students of the Central European University), NFP (on submission of a letter of support for your NFP application from your employer), STUNED (on submission of a letter confirming your STUNED application from NESO Jakarta). The letter for the NFP or STUNED should be added to your online application.

No other students are eligible to apply for an application fee waiver.