Can I temporarily end my student registration during the academic year?

If you end your student registration (enrolment) midway through the academic year you will not simply be able to re-register again. This is because there are only two official dates on which student registration can commence, i.e. 1 September and 1 February. You can request more information from the Student Affairs Front Office at Plexus Student Centre.

If you terminate your student registration you will be refunded any excess tuition fees paid on a pro-rata basis - except if you terminate your registration later than 31 May in which case no refund can be awarded. You can terminate your registration via Studielink. Do not forget, if necessary, to also cancel your Dutch student finance and student traval pass (OV-kaart).

Registration/de-registration on non-government subsidised programmes does not take place via Studielink. Instead to de-register you must submit a ‘termination of registration form’ which can be downloaded from our website or collected from the Student Affairs Front Office.