Can I defer my application or change the start date of my studies?

Yes, it is possible to defer your application or change your start date.

  1. If you have already been admitted to a study programme but wish to defer the start of your studies:
    Inform the Admissions Office that you would like to defer the start date of your studies.
    Remember to do so before the application deadline for your new start date. The Admissions Office will inform you whether you need to submit a new application, or whether an updated ‘Decision on Admission’ for your new start date can be issued immediately.
    Note: In general you do not need to pay another application fee. Only if you wish to change your choice of study programme or specialisation is an application fee required.
  2. If a decision on your application has not yet been issued but you wish to defer your requested start date: 
    Inform the Admissions Office that you would like to defer your application. Your application will then be processed for your requested start date.